A brief explanation of the map below …

  • The A-Frame “driveway” is the Whetstone Pond boat-launch road off of Pond Road. The boat-launch road is clearly marked. Go down the boat-launch road and the A-Frame is on the left.
  • Although the map and the directions (if you use them) show the A-Frame as being on Barrows Falls Road, the official address is Pond Road. If you are traveling on Pond Road past Piper Pond and toward Whetstone Pond, there is not really a “right-hand turn onto Barrows Falls Road”. Pond Road merely makes a 90 degree bend to the right. There is no sign for Barrows Falls Road at the turn and the other intersecting roads are gravel roads. Pond Road eventually becomes Barrows Falls Road farther on past the A-Frame.
  • If you use the map directions link and are traveling from the south, don’t think that the map directions are mistakenly taking you the long way around by passing Happy Corner Road. Happy Corner Road is not really a road. It is an ATV trail. In this section of Maine, many gravel roads and ATV trails appear as regular roads on a map.