Area Attractions

Moosehead Lake
Moosehead Lake is one of the largest lakes east of the Mississippi. The town of Greenville is on the south shore of the lake and has restaurants, tourist shops, sea-plane rides, etc. It is approximately a 20-minute drive from Whetstone Pond.
Moosehead Lake Region Resource Guide
Wikipedia Entry
Katahdin Steam Boat Cruise

Appalachian Trail/Town Of Monson
The Appalachian Trail is the premier hiking trail in the eastern U.S. and passes within 5 miles of Whetstone Pond at the town of Monson. Monson is an official “A/T Trail Town”.
Appalachian Trail Conservancy
Appalachian Trail Resources
Appalachian Mountain Club
100-Mile Wilderness
A/T-Monson in the News
Town of Monson
Monson General Store Bluegrass Jam
Finnish Farmers Club/Dance Hall

Borestone Mountain
The best views for the shortest hike for the closest distance from Whetstone Pond is at Borestone Mountain. This hike is also great if your group has a mix of stamina levels. For the first half of the hike, a relatively easy walk on a more-or-less graded road to the Audubon Visitor’s Center and three lovely ponds is available. The more vigorous in the group can, instead, take a woods trail to the same location and can then continue on a steep, though short, trail to the top and spectacular views of central Maine.
Borestone Mountain Sanctuary

Snowmobile/ATV Trails
Maine is a snowmobiler and ATVer paradise. Use the link below as a starting point for information. Make sure to check with the locals when you get there for the most reliable scoop.
Snowmobile and ATV Info and Links

Baxter State Park – Mt. Katahdin
Mt. Katahdin is the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail and is located in Baxter State Park, a 200,000 acre wilderness area located in Piscataquis County. In a state full of natural beauty, this should be near the top of your “must see” list.
Baxter State Park
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Moxie Falls
A short hike to a scenic waterfall.
Moxie Falls

There are a number of small museums in the area containing artifacts and explaining the history of Central Maine.
List of Piscataquis County Museums

Hunting and Fishing
With 6,000 lakes and ponds and seemingly endless expanses of forest, Maine is where you want to be for your hunting and fishing vacation.
State of Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife